Hello Beloved One,

Welcome to my website.
May the Light of God within bless you and heal you
in every way and on every level as you open to the
books teaching and music found here.
Interfaith Minister
Channel for the Holy Spirit of God and the Arc Angels
Inspirational Singer and Songwriter

The Rev. Daniel Neusom is a channel for the Holy
Spirit of God and the Angels of Healing and

His work focuses on freeing the self/soul from the blockages of fear, anger, grief and guilt so we
are free to fulfill our soul's purpose of enjoying everything.

A prayer he received though his channel several  years ago summarizes his ministry and work-

I am here on the earth to enjoy everything.
This is why I was created by God,
this is my purpose and I am always completely
supported by God in fulfilling my purpose.
                       Thank you God
Rev. Daniel Neusom

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